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Welcome to Cottesloe Chiropractic!

Here at Cottesloe Chiropractic we employ many different techniques such as Sacro Occipital Technic, Applied Kinesiology, CMRT, Diversified, Hole in One, Logan, Webster, Meric Technique System, Network Chiropractic, Thompson Drop, Toggle Recoil, Myofasical Trigger Point.

We use gentle chiropractic techniques including SOT and Webster to assist pregnancy problems including low back pain, carpal tunnel, pubic symphysis dysfunction, foetal malposition (breech) which may cause prolonged labour. We perform spinal checks on babies and specialise in infants suffering from Plagiocephaly (twisted head), colic, torticollis, irritable baby syndrome and birth trauma.
Chiropractic care can help you through all the seasons of life to enhance wellbeing. In specific, chiropractic care can help the body to heal itself from the following complaints (plus many more!)

Scoliosis, spinal pains, posture, sport injuries.

Sport injuries, concentration problems, IBS, headaches, stress, shoulder problems, spinal pain, joint problems, weakness, pins and needles, sciatica, sinuses, heartburn, tinnitus.

Arthritis, degeneration, stiffness, increased movement, longevity.

By watching this engaging video you will gain a much better understanding of how Chiropractic works and the many benefits it can bring to you, your way of life and even your family and friends.